Sunday, October 14, 2007

Softball Game in Jersey

This weekend I went to New Jersey for a softball tournament. We were there from Friday until today; I actually just got home from it. I saw something in the game that really, kind of bothered me. Getting away with or not getting away with something in the real world is a lot different then in a game like softball. The umpire decides what's safe, what's out, what's a ball, what's a strike, and just about anything that requires an opinion. The other team got away with something during one of these games that honestly left me bewildered. Our team was in the field, and there was two outs, last inning. It was tied, and it was obvious that our team was the better one, but we had one bad inning in which the errors got the best of us. There was a runner on second, and the girl at bat hit it to the center-fielder. She picked it up, and threw it to the second baseman to get it into home, since one of the runners was rounding around third. The second baseman made an amazing throw to the catcher, but apparently the runner would have no part in "getting out," so she thought it would be alright to push the catcher off of the base completely and cause her to get pegged in the face by the ball going, oh I don't know 300 m.p.h. The umpire must have missed the full-on shove to the catcher and called the girl safe. Thinking about it now, I don't know why we didn't all just go beat up the umpire. It made me realize how glad I am softball is nothing like the real world, if an umpire was in charge of anything that had to do with my life, I'd be pretty freaking ticked off.

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