Monday, October 8, 2007


At our homecoming game on Friday, I couldn't help but notice the, i don't know - few million cops walking around. They were obviously there to bust all the people who were drunk, had alcohol on them, or had some kind of drug on them. Honestly, they weren't much of a scare, since just about everyone i talked to that night was at least a little bit under the influence. I realized that us, as teenagers, can really get away with anything we try to get away with, even when it is a group of people's complete purpose to try to stop us or get us in trouble.


maverik said...

It's true that we can get away with anything we want, but don't think that everyone you talked to was "under the influence" because we have a lot of posers here in brew-town thinking its that cool to show up to games drunk-when they are really fine. Things aren't always the way people project them to be.

If you're going my way, I'll walk with you. said...

i dont think we can get away with anything. i think we get lucky! and when are the kids in brewster NOT "a little under the influence"????